The Seven Heavenly Virtues: Diligence

The Nomad sat alone. Against a tall basaltic rock in the southern Great Waste, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of sand being picked up on the wind, the wanderer sat. His prerogative had come to an end; the blistering days and frosty nights of hunting Sand Wraiths had once and for all eroded him like the rock face against which he rested his weary body. It would have been cathartic had it not been ironic; the very same desert that inspired him to pick up his sword years ago had been the one to weather him, day by tedious day, until his body could take no more. Now, with tattered cape and brittle bones, he rested for the first, and perhaps last, time, knowing his efforts were not in vain, but grieving for the Wraiths that would continue to saunter long after he had become one with the earth. Continue reading The Seven Heavenly Virtues: Diligence