Deadlift was a normal man named Eckol captured by the Hellbourne and forced into slave labor in one of the countless Bonedust Camps, where his size and strength made him the perfect candidate to operate an Incinerator. These murder machines chewed and burned its victims but left them alive so they could be fed to the ravenous Fright Hounds, and when the victims were hesitant to enter the churning maw, Eckol had to force them in. Continue reading Deadlift

Ultimate Blackwal Salforis Details

When Maliken Grimm sent emissaries across Newerth uniting man under a single banner, he traveled in person to Lord Salforis in his mountain fortress of Blackwal. At that time, the Baron of Blackwal was considered one of the most powerful sorcerers and generals among men. He had not been seen upon a battlefield in years, and rumors spread he had discovered a magic that would end the wars of Man and Beast.

What Maliken found within the fortress caused him and his men to seal it from the outside and pray it was never reopened. In his chambers, Salforis sat upon a throne of corpses in a room full of the dead, commanding them to rise. He cursed Maliken for allowing his unborn children to unleash the Hellbourne, rantings Maliken could not comprehend at the time. Continue reading Ultimate Blackwal Salforis Details