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Brunhild – Ultimate Valkyrie, Commander of the URSA Corps

When news spread throughout the Legion that Maliken had been redeemed as one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, the streets were filled with men, women, and children rejoicing over this new alliance with such a terrible enemy. Valkyrie was not among them. She seethed at the notion of this monster, this bane of Newerth, walking among Legion soldiers and permitted to keep his head attached to his neck.

To Valkyrie, this was an untenable betrayal of all she — and countless others — had sacrificed in the name of Sol, Jeraziah, Ophelia, and the Legion. Continue reading Brunhild – Ultimate Valkyrie, Commander of the URSA Corps

Ultimate Blackwal Salforis Details

When Maliken Grimm sent emissaries across Newerth uniting man under a single banner, he traveled in person to Lord Salforis in his mountain fortress of Blackwal. At that time, the Baron of Blackwal was considered one of the most powerful sorcerers and generals among men. He had not been seen upon a battlefield in years, and rumors spread he had discovered a magic that would end the wars of Man and Beast.

What Maliken found within the fortress caused him and his men to seal it from the outside and pray it was never reopened. In his chambers, Salforis sat upon a throne of corpses in a room full of the dead, commanding them to rise. He cursed Maliken for allowing his unborn children to unleash the Hellbourne, rantings Maliken could not comprehend at the time. Continue reading Ultimate Blackwal Salforis Details

Ultimate Rulian Warlord Flint Details

Dead-Eye-Gang-SymbolThis is Flint at his most evolved as a warrior! He is Rulian Warlord Flint, and now that he and his Dead Eye Gang have conquered every murderous inch of the Rulian Marsh, they have erupted from the muck and mire to expand their territory while the rest of Newerth is in war-torn chaos. The Rulian Warlord is not concerned with the myriad opposition they will face – if his gang of Boggus, Skiver, Killawatt, Sinew, and Dredger can’t swamp them, the endless, custom-made arsenal he carries will no doubt have the firepower to clear the way through Caldavar and beyond. Continue reading Ultimate Rulian Warlord Flint Details

Gaia Ultimate Empath Details

Gaia is the mother of Newerth; the ethereal, intangible spirit of the world made flesh, and a manifestation of the planet itself. She has seen the history of all people and places; reveled in its victories; and suffered with its strife. She has lived through wars and the initial Fall of Man which brought about the realm of Newerth, regrowing that which was lost to blight and carelessness. With the opening of The Scar releasing an onslaught of demons whose only purpose is to gouge and injure their birthplace, Gaia must emerge to save them from themselves through pitiful destruction.

Gaia’s appearance changes based on her map location, the level of her abilities, and the items in her possession. Continue reading Gaia Ultimate Empath Details

Tork Ultimate Engineer Build

Arms and boots Upgrade:

  • Power Supply
  • Blood Chalice
  • Marchers
  • Energizer
  • Grave Locket
  • Sacrificial Stone
  • Steam Boots
  • Striders
  • Post Haste
  • Ghost Marchers
  • Plated Greaves
  • Push Staff
  • Ring of Sorcery
  • Null Stone

Beer Canister Upgrade:

  • SpellShards
  • Astrolabe
  • PortalKey
  • Satellite Radar Upgrade:
  • Hell Flower
  • Kuldra’s Sheepstick
  • Storm Spirit
  • Codex

Weapon Upgrade:

  • Nullfire Blade
  • Genjuro
  • Charged Hammer
  • Dawnbringer

Helmet Upgrade:

  • Barrier Idol
  • Shaman’s Headdress
  • Helm of the Black Legion
  • Shrunken Head