Grimm’s Crossing

From the Archives of Arasunia
Recorded by Vestigo in Ephemeris from Beyond the Verge
~3714, During the Uniting of the Clans

Blood is frozen in the wide bootprints of this hard, frozen soil, and I am left to wonder at the size of a man who would be heavy enough to leave a track in the permafrost as he advanced toward the brutal enemies waiting beyond the ridge.

He must have been armored, for his enemies were infamous for their savage weaponry of clubs, maces, axes, and broadswords. I follow the bootprints along the trail, between sentinel pines sagging beneath the weight of perpetual snow, and try to imagine his thoughts.

Was he nervous? The chanting and war drums of the enemy would have been audible, thunderous enough to be felt in the chest. Continue reading Grimm’s Crossing