The Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony

GluttonyA familiar hum of power coursed through the Grimoire. Envy swiftly moved across the battlefield and knew that the next vessel was not far off.

“Can it possibly be this easy? This obvious?” thought Envy as he looked across the scarred landscape.

At the edge of the battlefield sat the corpulent composite creature of chaos known as Devourer. The patchwork demon was the most ravenous creature that the human magi had ever summoned in their wars against the beasts and the monstrosity was known for consuming every creature it was able to get it’s hook into. The creatures it didn’t finish were simply added to his patchwork body.

Envy strode confidently towards the demon, the now comforting power of the Grimoire clutched tightly in his hand. As he neared, the Devourer looked up from the corpse he was gnawing on, distracted by the immense power that was so close and he knew that he must have it. The Devourer lashed out with his hook and wrapped it around the creature holding the powerful relic and tried to reel it back in to be consumed but it did not move.

Envy was not surprised by the reaction of Devourer but he was confident that with the strength of six Sins coursing through him, he would be able to withstand the grapple of the brute. As the lash wrapped around him and began to tug him forward he simply drove his tentacles down into the earth at his feet and anchored himself in place. As hard as the beast tugged, Envy was not about to be moved. His grin widened as his gamble paid off.

“YOU RESIST US! IMPOSSIBLE! WE ARE NOT TO BE DENIED,” the twins heads shrieked at Envy in disbelief. The sound of the two voices blending together would have chilled any mortal that heard its cacophonic melody.

“Not this time, corpulent one. I am not here to be consumed by you. I am here to unshackle you. No longer will your hunger go unsatiated if you accept the power I offer. Unbind yourself from Maliken and bind yourself to the power I bear – the power of Sin.” The demons eyes locked for just a moment as Envy spoke and he knew that Devourer wanted what he offered and there was no hesitation.

“FEED US THEN, DEMON!” shouted the smaller head as the beast drew its hook back away from its immobile target.

Envy opened the book and an intense orange smoke poured out from the pages and flowed toward Devourer. It swiftly enveloped the beast.

“THE SMOKE BURNS! YOU HAVE TRICKED US!” The twin heads shrieked as one.

The smell of burning flesh and chemicals filled the air as the hook lashed back out from the cloud of orange smoke toward the smiling figure of Envy. The hook never landed on its target, instead falling harmlessly to the ground before retracting. The screams from inside the cloud continued for several minutes as the sin was seared into the flesh of the demon. The smoke dissipated and in place of the corpulent patchwork demon stood a reborn creature of pure hunger. The burns etched deeply in the rolls of flesh of its obese frame and were interrupted by the maws that covered his body. Gluttony was born from the flesh of the Devourer.

“I HUNGER!” shouted the new Sin. All of his maws roared at once and power coursed back into Envy. A tongue shot from the great central maw and speared several of the nearby dead bodies like a demonic kabob of fallen men. It quickly drew them back into its body and, like an entire school of piranha, there was nothing left of the flesh of the creatures it consumed. The demon then went to work on devouring the bones and scraps of armor that remained behind.

Envy knew it was time to call to his brothers and sister. He opened the book again, turned instinctively to a page near the center and began to read. Smoke swirled around him again, first green, then joined by cyan, purple, blue, red, yellow and then orange. The colors swirled faster and faster into a violent plume of rainbow hued chaos and when it burst apart all of the seven stood together, assembled for the first time.

Envy looked at the might before him and knew what he must do next. He continued the incantation and from the vapors the spirits of sin reemerged and touched each of the vessels, enhancing their power. The spirits swirled about both the avatars and their weapons. Power crackled between the seven. Envy grinned and began to speak.

“The Grimoire has chosen well! We are now the most powerful creatures in Newerth. We are siblings now, born of sin and purged of the trappings of our past lives. It is time to claim our destiny. We were chosen not to serve, but to rule this forsaken planet and the hells below it. We need simply take that which is rightfully ours. Only one creature stands between us and that which is fated for us – Maliken himself.”

The others stood silent. Not certain if Envy was serious or not. The demon continued to speak as he slipped between his siblings and spoke softly to each of them.

“Sloth, you have no desire to wage war, but until the General is deposed he will force you to fight for him.” The giant’s twin heads looked at one another and slowly nodded in agreement.

“Pride, you cannot allow a lesser man to rule over any part of the world, it obviously belongs to you.” The man looked up from his reflection in the shield and tossed his hair from side to side before assenting.

He looked to Lust who was staring at Pride, the only creature in the area that was not transfixed on her. Envy stepped close and whispered in her ear, “He will never notice you until you show him your worth. Help him depose his father and then you can have the one person you want more than any other…the king.” She smiled coyly at his suggestion.

Envy reached out to stroke Calm as the creature ran up Wrath’s shoulder. “It will be a glorious battle to unleash your rage in.” Wrath reached behind his shoulder and drew out a great stalagmite from his own back. Blood spilled from the wound and he gave a war cry – it appeared that he agreed.

“Greed…there is no being in all of Newerth with more riches than Maliken. His chariots and opulence are unmatched in all the realms. Help me defeat him and it can be yours.”

“I desire the book as well,” said Greed.

“Fine…once Maliken has been deposed, the Grimoire is yours,” Envy said begrudgingly.”We have an agreement then,” said Greed with a smile.

Envy turned to Gluttony last. “There will be great feasts…both man and demon will fatten your belly.” The sound of crunching bones filled the air as the creature spoke its agreement.

And in that moment, the Seven Deadly Sins set forth to destroy the General of the Hellbourne armies and self proclaimed King of Newerth – Maliken.

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  1. Sexist. Why is the ONE girl transfixed on a guy? I mean, I’ve always imagined Envy as a girl until I figured out his gender.

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