11 thoughts on “Ragnarök Hel Voodoo Jester Wallpaper”

  1. DAT ART!!! DAYUUUMMMMMM. Who made it? If my family did not have access to my pc I’d definitely put this as my wallpaper.

  2. You made it? Nice work Lhune!

    Never would have guessed it would have been done by you cuz it is VERY different from the SangLa Mountain stuff

    1. Thank you! The Sang-La images were made almost a year ago, it’s entirely possible that my style has changed a bit since then and of course I’ve (hopefully) gotten a bit better, too! 🙂

      1. Have you also done the art of Athena DS and Boudica Legi?

        Those were pretty awesome too. If it’s possible at all, I’d like you to do the artwork for all the female alts cuz u keep proportions realistic and appropriate.

        Also the best part about this image and perhaps what strikes me the most is how you have covered half of her face to represent the half rotten face of Hel to make her original to her lore. Fantastic!

        1. I did do Athena, yes. Boudica was done by another artist. I’m glad you enjoy my style and hope you will continue to do so!

          Good catch too, that is exactly why the cast shadow is over her face, a detail I think a lot of people may have missed. Thanks again, it is always good to know when one’s work is appreciated!

  3. I dunno if this is something ur allowed to say but I have recently discovered how awesome Chipper is in Midwars but he’s got no good alts present. Are we getting something awesome for him soon?

      1. Awesome. Thanks alot man!

        Btw I can’t find any artwork for any of the E-Sport Foot locker alts except for Coral Medusa, do those alts have artworks or not?

        If not, Lhune has dibs on Hestia GK cuz that avatar deserves Lhune’s touch!

        1. Sorry about that, should be caught up now! POGs Nymphora will post tomorrow, and unfortunately we don’t have any art for Hestia, but if we get it going Lhune gets my vote too.

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