2 thoughts on “Acolyte Amun-Ra Wallpaper”

  1. Alright so I love you guys and I absolutely love your work. But this art really isn’t something I’m much fond of for a multiple reasons;

    1. The fact is gorgeous BUT seems out of proportion with the body
    2. That weird red cloth flowing from her pelvic region is what really ruins this art for me. Why is it so long that it drops down all the way to the side and then even rises towards the right of the image. If it must be like that, do it like a trail cuz right now it would actually trip a woman.
    3. Again that cloth has too much flow in it for a piece of garment. The color is awesome but given from where it’s coming and the shade I’m thinking of periods, menstruation etc etc.

    It really kinda suck because the back drop of this art is absolutely gorgeous. If someone can remove Acolyte from this I can definitely see myself using it as a desktop wall paper.

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