2 thoughts on “Patch 3.4.3 Avatars Video from SomaZ”

  1. I really disappointed with shadowblade avatar…
    or my expectation it too high… all forms is almost identical to each other…
    while EA shadowblade and shadowbeast all have unique form.. (EA still remain the best alt for shadowblade )
    and why husher shadowblade is a bit smaller when change to second and third form?
    it that intended?

    1. We appreciate the feedback! It is unfair to compare a non-EA avatar to an EA–those avatars are supposed to be the best along with the Ultimates. Husher was intended to remain the same character with different blades, stances, and armor depending on which ability he’s using, and he uses all blades combined into the Blade of the Shroud during Ability 4. The size change for 2 & 3 was not intentional and will be addressed. Thanks again!

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