Brunhild – Ultimate Valkyrie, Commander of the URSA Corps

When news spread throughout the Legion that Maliken had been redeemed as one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, the streets were filled with men, women, and children rejoicing over this new alliance with such a terrible enemy. Valkyrie was not among them. She seethed at the notion of this monster, this bane of Newerth, walking among Legion soldiers and permitted to keep his head attached to his neck.

To Valkyrie, this was an untenable betrayal of all she — and countless others — had sacrificed in the name of Sol, Jeraziah, Ophelia, and the Legion.

Brunhild the Valkyrie listened to the revelry of the clueless masses and vowed to form a tribe of true warriors: elite soldiers who care not for the politics and posturing of this farcical leadership; who crave only the death of every enemy of justice. She recalled a legend among her people on the frigid islands beyond the Frost Fields, the story of a ferocious she-bear who would kill any man or beast who came near her precious cubs. This bear was called Ursa, and the mere mention of her name made the hunters shudder and whisper a prayer to Odin.

So as Maliken spread his angel’s wings over the Legion, Brunhild silently named herself leader of the URSA Corps, beholden to no cause except the defense of the innocent.

Ultimate Valkyrie Details

  • Level 1-3
    • Standard Armor
  • Level 4-7
    • Winged Valkyrie Boots
  • Level 8-11
    • Upgraded Lower Body Armor
  • Level 12-15
    • Upgraded Upper Body Armor
  • Level 16+
    • URSA Valkyrie Helmet
    • Altered Voice

Ultimate Valkyrie Items

  • Nullfire: Black wings with midnight blue sheen and flame effects.
  • Wingbow: Golden wings with green sheen and mystic effects.
  • Frostburn: Orange and blue wings with ice and flame effects.
  • Energizer: Green wings with yellow sparks and lightning.
  • Geometer’s Bane: Purple wings with purple sparkles.
  • Shieldbreaker: Golden wings with red dripping blood.
  • Charged Hammer: Blue/purple wings with white lightning.

Ultimate Valkyrie Wallpaper


URSA Corps Members

The URSA Corps is an elite unit of female warriors who have shirked all allegiance to kings, queens and causes, choosing instead to fight for justice and defense of the innocents, no matter how many enemies they gain in the process.

Arctos (Gladiator)

The starving girl was one of the countless orphans of Blackwal, tossed into the blood-soaked fighting pits to be torn apart by the undead savages resurrected by Lord Salforis for his perverse entertainment. To the Baron’s astonishment, the girl fought like a cornered bear, earning her the nickname Arctos, an ancient term of the realm for the terrifying beasts who stalked the dark mountain passes and left behind only screams. The girl earned her life that day, and as she survived each day of brutal combat she earned water, food, and eventually weapons to fight the ever-increasing number and strength of Salforis’ rotting soldiers.

When the URSA Corps raided the outpost, they freed the tormented prisoners and provided safe passage out of the Great Waste, but when everyone else fled toward the supposed protection of the Legion, Arctos refused to budge. She demanded to join the URSA Corps, and one look at what she could do with the weapons and armor provided by Kodia convinced the women she would be a valuable asset. Now she uses her Blackwal-honed combat skills against the living and dead alike, relishing the thought of facing Lord Salforis one last time.
Arctos - URSA Corps Gladiator Wallpaper

Axia (Moraxus)

Axia takes her role of protector very seriously and has a very distinct sense of honor for herself and the URSA Corps. She is eager to jump between aggressors and the defenseless to absorb damage with her armor and shield, then deal out twice as much with her energy-bladed axes. There are many shallow graves across Newerth dug with ax blades and filled with foolish warriors who challenged the URSA Corps…or simply spoke ill of the all-female unit.
Axia - URSA Moraxus Wallpaper

Barrage (Bombardier)

Barrage hails from the Goblin race, who have been hunted and victimized by both the Legion and Hellbourne. The former has never fully trusted the infamously devious race and keeps them on the fringe of their territories, while the latter finds Goblin souls to be foul-tasting and hard to contain; worth killing, but not keeping. Barrage has found her true home among the URSA Corps warriors, handling the heavy artillery and calling in airstrikes to defend her sisters and those they protect. She holds an explosive grudge against all authority and anyone who claims loyalty to the Legion or Hellbourne, and she carries the arsenal to make that grudge heard across the battlefield.
Barrage - URSA Corps Bombardier Wallpaper

Grizzington (Sir Benzington)

The URSA Corps warrior known as Grizzington began as an animal rights activist who devoted her life to protecting the innocent creatures of Caldavar from the carnage of the war between the Legion and Hellbourne. The conflict has torn through fragile ecosystems, destroyed migration patterns, and left countless carcasses in its wake, pushing many species to the brink of extinction.

Convinced the humans of the Legion care for the animals only as far as their pelts can bring wealth and glory, while the Beasts are too preoccupied with survival to care for their less-powerful brothers and sisters, she turned to the sisterhood of the URSA Corps and worked with Kodia to design a suit of armor for herself and her beloved creatures. The first prototype of rider and mount was christened Grizzington, and she rides forth to hunt and kill any who threaten the innocent of Caldavar.
Grizzington - URSA Corps Benzington Wallpaper

Gunclaw (Gunblade)

Gunclaw tried to do it the legal way. She was deputized in Adkarna and tasked with keeping the peace in the the overcrowded refugee camps on the fringe of the city, full of humans and beasts fleeing the front lines of the battle between the Legion and Hellbourne. She failed. Crippling hunger and rampant crime infected the camps, and when the simmering rage burst into a full-blown riot the law woman knew there was no malice in the violence, only fear. She opened the massive warehouses and gave the people what they wanted – food to feed their starving children and blankets to fight the freezing nights – and almost had the turmoil contained when the Royal Guard arrived. Where she saw fear and desperation, they saw threats and revolt. The mounted warriors slaughtered everyone involved with the riot while Gunclaw screamed for them to stand down.

When the killing was done, she swore to never again serve a cause more interested in power and control than peace and tolerance. And now she knows, in order to make peace, she must first make war.
Gunclaw - URSA Corps Gunblade Wallpaper

Kodia (Devourer)

Kodia uses her mechanically superior brain to create the brawn for the URSA Corps, sifting through Legion and Hellbourne junkyards to salvage what her squad needs to survive and protect those caught between the warring factions and their vacillating, haphazard strategies. She will defend her URSA sisters to the death, and if that day comes she’ll take as many enemies with her as she can.
Kodia - URSA Corps Devourer Wallpaper

Mistress of Arms (Master of Arms)

Some say fear is a great motivator; Mistress of Arms believes it’s a lot more useful when combined with a pair of pulsing plasma rifles. Known colloquially as “The Mistress,” the URSA Corps’ lady of war doesn’t believe in fear, but finds great joy instilling it in others. Armed to the teeth with advanced technology, she knows every tool for every job—and who doesn’t belong on her project. Her no-nonsense demeanor is relieving to some and off-putting to others, but she doesn’t have any aspirations to be the leader… Unless it comes with a hefty paycheck.

Mistress of Arms - URSA Corps Master of Arms Wallpaper

 Scoria (Magmus)

Unpredictable, irresponsible, and “out of her mind.” are only a few of the phrases attributed to URSA Magmus, the morally ambivalent girl who hides inside a giant suit of armor.

Designed to withstand lava and traverse deep under Newerth to infiltrate Hellbourne spawning grounds, the power granted to URSA Magmus from the suit has rendered her a juggernaut with little competition. Although generally convinced of her loyalty, her suspicious behavior has a tendency to inspire fear, even within the corps. After all, some people want to save the world just to see it burn by their hand.
Scoria - URSA Corps Magmus Wallpaper

Uproar (Flux)

The quiet storm of the URSA Corps, Uproar is an intelligent and dangerous woman who speaks softly and carries a big stick (or gun, in this case). As a young girl, she quickly developed an interest in science– physics, in particular– as she watched her town’s population dwindle after unarmed civilians would be eaten by the Hellbourne or conscripted by the Legion. Both sides were out to get her, and the only way to stop them was through advanced technology; something nobody else could stand up to.
Uproar - URSA Corps Flux Wallpaper

Ussuri (Gauntlet)

Ussuri is the youngest member of the URSA Corps, but is outfitted with one of the deceptively strongest bio-suits in the group. After her right arm was left paralyzed in a skirmish for food against nomadic bandits, her only choices were to leave the group or devise a new method of attack, since the corps could not afford injured soldiers. With the help of Kodia, the brilliant URSA mechanic, Ussuri was able to construct a large robotic arm, capable of dishing out extreme amounts of pain. Her spunky attitude has never been stronger, and her thirst for destruction since the incident has only been amplified.
Ussuri - URSA Corps Gauntlet Wallpaper


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