3 thoughts on “Srikandi Artillery Wallpaper”

  1. Awesome alt, unfortunately i already have Apollo.
    When will the Lore be updated? 🙁 The part with the Jade Scriptures, The 7 Heavenly Virtues story arc, etc…
    Also, will you guys add lore for all heroes in HoN? I would love to read more ^^ Shadowblade, Dr. Repulsor, Fayde, Pearl and many more 🙁

    Offtopic: Woodshed, when i click Hon Story Arcs from the Navigation Tab, i get an error [catlist id=5]

    1. Hey, thanks for the bug find, should be fixed now!

      As for lore updates, most of the arcs are intended to begin the storyline and carry the narrative into the gameworld, where you get to take over the characters. So there likely won’t be updates for the previous arcs, but the overall narrative continues as new heroes and locations enter the war.

      Hero lore, on the other hand, is something we are working to expand and share as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest!

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