10 thoughts on “Female Devo Concept Art”

  1. Definitely enjoy the sci-fi/steampunk idea here. I can imagine it having like either steam vents or maybe even just poison fume vents for the “Rot”, and the open cockpit makes it believable as to why it hurts this devo.

    I love the little bear head thing too. A great little touch.

  2. Any hope for a Oktoberfest Devo ? With pretzles as hook and tipping over a beer glass for ult while saying: Drink up dear !

  3. damn! if this one ever hits the stores with that chick on board… i’m definitely getting one even though i suck balls using dev!

  4. Not that it’s a bad skin, but this isn’t what we meant when we asked for female Devourer.

    WTB fat nasty nomnom female devo, a sexy chick inside a robot is such a cop-out…

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