The Blind Prophet

The Seven Heavenly Virtues: Prologue

In the once-modern laboratory buried deep below the Headless Hills northwest of Watchtower, the darkness was a solid object. As with most objects of darkness, the Blind Prophet was indifferent to its presence. He moved through the blackout as if in a meadow at noonday, his steps urgent and unwavering.

The object he sought called to him, for like the Codex Solaris, it contained words from Sol. Its pages also held entries from malignant sources, those aligned against Sol and the well-being of Newerth. Both types of passage—divine and fell—had been recorded ages ago by feverish hands ignorant of the source of their inspiration.

Also within this tome were words written by men fully aware of the source, for it came from within. Some of these entries were designs and schemes seeking power, calling for the outright destruction of the author’s brothers and sisters, while some were written under the false, myopic belief that widespread compliance would result in the greater good for all, a debaucherous nirvana where all who submitted would enjoy untold spoils.

These seven passages, the Blind Prophet knew, were the most insidious. The words had been twisted, bastardized, and corrupted until the very ink emitted noxious fumes.

These passages had brought about the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Blind Prophet’s fingers blistered as he turned the pages. He forced himself to read the toxic words—he could leave none of them unexamined—and when he was certain he had the complete entries for all Seven Sins he tore the pages from the Grimoire of Power in one ferocious swipe.

He spoke the lost language of Sol and cast the pages to the floor, where they burst into smokeless white fire. When the flames had done their work, not even ash remained.

The Blind Prophet climbed out of the subterranean structure, the Grimoire of Power tucked safely in his satchel. The Five Disciples had stood guard, arrayed around the entrance while he completed the destruction of the cursed pages, and now they turned to him.

“It is done,” the Blind Prophet said. His hand rested on the satchel. Within, he felt the Grimoire stirring. “Now we begin the task of eradicating what these Seven Sins have wrought upon Man and Beast. For this, we must seek virtue among the cursed.”


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