Ultimate Bubbles Item Build

  • Jetpack:
    • Tablet of Command
    • Portal Key
  • Boots & Moonwalk:
    • Any boots
  • Helmet:
    • Arcana
    • Spellshards
    • Hellflower
    • Spellsunder
    • Harkon’s Blade
    • Frostfield Plate
  • Weapon Upgrade:
    • Neophyte’s Book
    • Stormspirit
    • Light/Fire/Icebrand + any combo
    • Grimoire
    • Frostwolf
  • Effects Upgrade:
    • Blessed Orb
    • Sustainer
    • Nullstone
    • Sheepstick
    • Shrunken Head
  • Chest/Gloves Upgrade:
    • Grave Locket
    • Sac Stone
    • Ring of the Teacher
    • Power Supply
    • Vestments
    • Bottle
    • Codex

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Bubbles Item Build”

    1. They are charged/uncharged same as grave locket. You gain +2 all stats with grave and +3 with resto I believe if you are close to a kill on enemy team. You lose it again if you die.

    2. Hi ExO,

      If you are asking about the upgraded pieces of his ensemble (the helmet upgrade from Arcana and the effects upgrade from Sustainer) disappearing when you complete Restoration Stone, it is because Restoration Stone is not currently part of Ultimate Bubbles’ item build. Item choices are made individually for each Ultimate Avatar, based on which items players tend to use the most for that character, and, although players will sometimes pickup either Arcana or Sustainer on Bubbles, they rarely pick up both to construct the Restoration Stone. Hope this answers your question!

  1. you Get helmet with Sac stone and frostfield plate, and you get spell effects with lightbrand or grimoire, weapon upgrade is with hellflower or sheepstick, and harkons and codex give you gloves and chest. this needs to be updated.

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