16 thoughts on “Loki Corrupted Disciple”

  1. While I like the concept a lot and see where the idea is coming from (god of fire, trickstering through damage sap), I also think that Loki would make an even better alt for Circie.
    Nevertheless, great concept. Looking forward to the alt.

  2. When I see Loki,that scene from The Avengers crosses my mind:
    Loki:”I have an army!”
    Ironman:”We have a Hulk!”
    And that gave me a wild idea: A (somehow) Ironman skin…and the hero that should have it,in my opinion,is Flux…
    I’m just saying.

    By the way:awesome alt,great,nice!

  3. Avatar model is very cool HOWEVER I don’t think ‘Loki’ fits the hero concept of CD. If I were to put an alt inspired from Loki into the game I’d rather make it for Circe than CD since Loki IS a trickster and Circe spells trickster far better than CD

    If you can, I’d suggest make this into a Circe alt.

    This also kinda sucks for me as I was drafting a concept for Circe Loki

  4. The orb is cool but what is the reasoning behind using snakes instead of just an atom or some ionized molecule?
    How would his spells look? Why is he Loki, when Loki is a god of fire? If he is sly, why CD? What about auto attack?
    What about ultimate?
    If he used Q, if it looked like snake, what is the reasoning behind making it look like snake, flying in the air isntead of movind on the ground? Thats not really snakish, imo. Or electric.

    But, if it was a Circe alt, sneaky and deceiving, with snakes Q entwining/ensnaring enemies, then crawling to other enemies in range… Ultimate being a snake either eating Loki or entwining him completely – it would make way more sense.

  5. Thank you all for for the awesome feedback!

    Hi TurboHydra,

    In regards to your question for the snakes orbiting the magic sphere, it is an allusion to Nidhogg the serpent that coils around the Yggdrasil in Norse myth, and fits the motif of corruption.

    The orb itself is actually made from Yggdrasil’s sap that’s been fossilized into an amber, and he would use it to channel all his powers through this great artifact.

    While we have originally thought of having Circe as a Loki/trickster themed skin, the fact that Circe is already a cunning character of deception would make the trickster alt avatar a bit redundant.

    As for specific questions regarding to the visuals of abilities, you’ll just have to wait for the release of the character 😀

    Thanks again for all your questions everyone!

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