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  1. Btw it would be nice if he had there footprint effects like Winter Solstice day form, leaving fire behind when he walks. πŸ˜›

  2. Honesty, I don’t really like this one. Can’t see the big idea behind it other than “a horseless horseman”. If that’s all there is to it… Uhh, okay, I guess? Why though, if we already have a horseman with a horse? Is he supposed to have some really cool animations, or spell effects, or ulti form, or story arc, or maybe voice/lines that would make him unique? Because otherwise I don’t see the point.

    1. He will have new animations and new effects on his model, as well as new models and effects for his Ability 1 Hellhounds and his Ability 4 Metamorphosis.

      1. I wasn’t talking about that. Let me elaborate:
        You see, I believe that a good avatar should contain a theme, an idea that makes it interesting, appealing, brings fresh air to the concept. All of gladiator’s existing alts are like that. An adventurer, an undead sea pirate, a musketeer and a toreador, they all fit the hero’s abilities and visuals and each brings something new, different, fun. WB’s Den Mother is a good example too, the idea of a female werewolf fits the hero excellently, even if the voice work of the end product isn’t that great (IMO). Same for Loki CD and female-steampunk Devo.
        I guess I just wanted to say that “a horseless horseman” doesn’t seem to be an interesting enough idea to create and avatar solely on it, that’s all.

  3. There is something here that doesn’t tell me ‘War Beast’, personally I think it’s the “Shock Trooper” tag. When I think WarBeast, I think primal, savage, untamed, beastial … something that could never be tamed or civilized … this seems like something how WarBeast who has done a PhD would look like … I don’t want that.

    On the other hand I do think this would fit Ravenor much better

    1. Thanks for your feedback. A shock trooper is typically used to lead an attack and create a breach in the enemy’s line of defense. I think this avatar is well-suited for that, and it would require a fair amount of primal savagery to be in the first assault wave against an entrenched enemy.

  4. How about “Barbarian Beast” ? Since warbeast is a “wild” person, and S2 wanna make him become more likely human, it will be a great idea. His model will be “brutal” army, holding a sharp mace with spiky shield. His first skill model will looks like a couple crazy dog/wolf who release from the cage when he activating skill. His second ability will make him roar when activated. For his ultimate skill animation, all armors and weapon he worn will take off like LodeStone ultimate (explode?), then tranform him into a monster. πŸ™‚ (sorry for my bad language)

      1. Thanks, I really appreciate that πŸ™‚
        If I have other Idea, can I put in there again? Hope S2 desaigner consider my and other players idea πŸ™‚

  5. Thas’s nice, but need more details on his back…like, fire…. or idk… scars… something..
    Still is nice πŸ˜‰

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