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The Rulian Marsh

From the Archives of Arasunia
Recorded by Vestigo in Ephemeris from Beyond the Verge
~3745, Maliken’s Beast Heart

If Death’s Cradle is the armpit of Newerth—and it is, despite what the damned botanists in Adkarna say—then the Rulian Marsh is the ass crack of our glorious land. One may wonder how an armpit and an ass crack can share a long, ragged border, but those people have never seen the It is a foul, damp, dangerous place without a single welcoming feature, unless you enjoy blistering sores and chafing that quickly escalates into bleeding. I do not, just as I do not appreciate being dispatched to this sweltering sinkhole by the counselors of the Capitol who would never deign to dip their robes in these fetid waters, which have ruined my one good cloak. Continue reading The Rulian Marsh