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  1. Thank’s for remodeling face and put some armor on his wings, i will go for buy it πŸ™‚
    And, remember when I promise you some honcept from me? It’s ready, can I post here? πŸ˜€

      1. 5 avatars in my honcept, and I put them into Team Edition avatar πŸ˜€
        (and im feel sorry for my bad english πŸ™‚ )

        “White Cavern”
        Ice King – Glacius
        Frozen Quenn – Ellonia
        Frost Pike – Tundra
        Arctic Skate – Blitz
        Glacial Mammoth – Cthuluphant

        Ice King – Galcius (Hope become an Ultimate Avatar)
        A king, wear a coat and ice crown, holding staff, or wand(like loki staff on “The Avengers” πŸ˜€ ).
        1st skill animation = adding some sparkling effect
        2nd skill animation = Ice pillar will come out from the ground and sheathe the target, make the target frozen with glowing

        blue light from the ice pillar.
        3rd skill animation = nothing changed
        Ultimate skill Animation = He raise his staff then knock the staff to the ground, Ice sword will rain the area.

        Frozen Quenn – Ellonia (Hope become an Ultimate Avatar)
        A quenn who has pale face but still look’s so adorable (giving her lipstick maybe? πŸ˜€ ). Wearing coat, crown, and staff

        just like Ice King.
        1st skill animation = Just like the original, but the shard will glowing blue
        2nd skill animation = An Ice Pillar will come out from the ground alongside with an ice storm
        3rd skill animation = A blue ray strike from her staff to the enemy (like codex lightning), then a cage of ice will prison

        the enemy
        Ultimate skill animation = Make it like the original, but adding glowing blue light for the orb and some aurora rays will

        make it look’s amazing

        Frost Pike – Tundra (should be Gold or limited Avatar because many changes on his skill animation)
        Human looks like, but pale like Frozen Queen. He’s wearing armor who covered by pierce of ice shard, and he weilding a big

        axe (axe with long handle like pikemen).
        1st skill animation = Twin shard will come out from the ground, when they meet each other at the target, a sound like ice

        crash will happen, if it hits any target, along the back, the ice shard will stained with blood.
        2nd skill animation = White owl will be the shiver, when it comes for invisible, small ice storm will covered the body

        then it will be invisible. Ceourl upgraded into a silver lion. On it’s end tail there was a crystal ice who shoot the

        pierce of ice when Ceourl attacking target.
        3rd skill animation = He roaring together when his charging enemy.His axe knife will glowing blue like ice, when the cold

        shoulder buff activated.
        Ultimate skill animation = An ice path will summoning, then tundra smash will smash that path with his axe, cracking the

        ice path, wipe other target with ice shard to push them away for the animation. The target will hanging with giant ice

        pillar on it for the stun duration (like nailed on the ice pillar).

        Arctic skate – Blitz
        He’s jaguar like original blitz, but wearing snow boarding equipment (google glass, thick jacket, backpack, etc). But,

        he’s not running again, he’s doing ice skating, so he worn ice skate shoes. Whenever he walk’s, an ice path will create.
        1st skill animation- He threw an ice web on enemy
        2nd skill animation- The enemy legs who targeted by this skill will be frozen, while the blitz shoes are glowing blue

        3rd skill animation- An Allies who targeted by this skill will get the blue aura on the body and leaving a glowing yellow

        light on the trail.
        Ultimate skill animation – He send huge ice web from his back pack to the target, turn the area become icy land. All enemy

        body who apllied by this skill will be frozen.

        Glacial Mammoth – Cthuluphant
        It’s looks like a mammoth and he still stand with 2 legs, but now his body will cover with white fur and has musle arms,

        which the right hand wearing big ice glove (like gauntlet glove), and the left hand wearing normal ice glove.
        1st skill animation – He harden his body into ice then trample to the target.
        2nd skill animation – When he use this skill, his left hand will hold big ice shield for the duration.
        3rd skill animation – When ctuhuluphant kills non hero unit, the area off cthuluphant stand will become into ice field

        (approx 150 AoE). Then if he kill’s a hero, a blue light (it’s light sonar on detecting something on ship or plane πŸ˜€ )

        will glowing on the ice field he stand.
        Ultimate skill animation – Replacing beam into ice blast shoot, adding some snow animation every shoot.

  2. hm, the fact is come from SEA (GARENA Player) and I’m restrict on interact with HoN out of my region. Maybe I will put this into Garena “Hero & Avatar Draft” πŸ˜€
    Thank’s, for your comment. I just wanna make “The Game Who I Spent 3 Year’s” of my life become the the best MOBA ever πŸ™‚

  3. I LOVEE the concept art, is there more going to be released because i would love to get sneak peeks on the new alts being released

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