Jeraziah Grimm 3734

Jeraziah Grimm, heir to the Legion’s crown, mighty even as a babe, was born to Maliken and Andraste. But he was born in blood and death, ripping his way untimely from his mother’s body. The mightiest healers of the Legion could not stanch the flow of blood; the most learned Chaplains could not coax life back into her cold flesh. The Prince was born; the Queen was dead.

The Death of Andraste

Devastated by the loss, Grimm gave the rearing of his son to his most trusted advisors, left the destruction of the Beasts to his warlords, and sank into despair. He wandered his capital, Adkarna, in mourning black, prayed silently in each of the great cathedrals established throughout his lands, and, for five years, knew only bitterness.

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