The Blind Prophet & The Five Disciples 3501

As proudly as Man fought, as bitterly as each village defended its wooden palisade, still defeat followed defeat. For humanity was still scattered, and suspicion reigned even in the hour of tribulation. Across the world, a dozens languages were spoken, two dozen gods were worshipped, and two thousand slights were remembered even as the greatness of Man’s past was forgotten. Senseless feuding, base opportunism, and craven betrayal shattered any nascent bonds of fellowship.

It was in these times that the Blind Prophet came. His vision seared away from staring too long into the sun, the Prophet was repaid with the sight of Sol’s truth. Across Newerth he traveled, guided and protected by a band of five warrior-disciples, recalling his brethren to the teachings of God. With a mighty voice and gentle hand he purged the infirm of sickness, stirred the failing courage in men’s hearts, and even called back innocents from beyond the veil of death.

His journeys were fraught with peril. For though the many loved him, those few whose hands were red with blood and souls were black with sin sought his demise. Clinging to power even as a fool drowning at sea grasps his comrade and thus dooms them both, these wicked men lay ambushes, poisoned meals, even drew their own blades against the Prophet. At every turn, the Five guarded him, killing sinful Man and ravenous Beast alike. And so the word of Sol spread, and everywhere the light of reason began to shine once more in Man.

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